EYE Performance 2 Squash Shoes

EYE Performance 2 Squash Shoes new for 2023

EYE Performance 2 Squash Shoes new for 2023 have arrived and with a new and improved sole and inner it's a great feel, All Squash Shoes are in stock and ready to ship, order today and your new shoes are usually shipped the same day, we ship our products by Express overnight courier, so you get it super quick, usually the next day.

Used by Paul Coll and Mostafa Asal and Miguel Rodriguez

The new Performance 2 shoes for the 22/23 season!

The New Eye Performance Line 2 Squash shoe has arrived and is looking good, With the new upgraded Sole and construction, it was developed by leading sports scientists to combine a balanced cushioned gripping sole with a stable durable upper making it the perfect fit for the rigorous demands of the game.

Tested extensively by some of the PSA World Tours most dynamic movers the S Line is sure to help any player explode off the T.