EYE Rackets Squash Shoe Range On Sale

EYE Rackets Squash Shoe range On Sale

This section has our shoes that are on sale.

If you cannot find your size, please check out our new range of 2023 Performance 2 shoes.

 As used by Paul "Superman" Coll - The fastest player on the PSA World Tour, 2018 British Open Champion Miguel Angel, Diego Elias, Karim Abdel Gawad and many other PSA players.

ETE Rackets Shoes on Sale, The S Line was developed by leading sports scientists to combine a balanced cushioned gripping sole with a stable durable upper making it the perfect fit for the rigorous demands of the game.

Tested extensively by some of the PSA World Tours most dynamic movers the S Line is sure to help any player explode off the T.


Paul Coll